What I Can Do For You

I am pleased to offer the following services on a variety of topics:

Instructional and inspirational pre-recorded videos

“Observing Inner and Outer Worlds” a 40 minute video exploring Observation at an advanced level created for an e-conference.
“Honing Montessori Practices: Materials and the Mind” a four-part video course exploring the interrelationship between the Montessori materials, Montessori theory and learning.

Articles and blog posts

“Go On. Ask Me. How Exactly Do Montessori Children Learn So Much?”
“What to Look for in a Montessori Teacher Education Program”

Resource lists on specific topics

Resources for talking to children about race and racism

In-Person Workshops, Presentations and Facilitation

Presentation write-ups, lessons and unit plans for 3-6 and 12-15 year olds

Contact me to discuss your needs, rates and turnaround times.

Some favourite topics:

  • The spiritual preparation of the teacher
  • What it really means to follow a child
  • Observation
  • The philosophy of Cosmic Education
  • Montessori as a systemic approach to education
  • Implementing Montessori
    • how to start the day
    • the three hour work period
    • the materials and their role
    • the role of the teacher
    • classroom management and normalization
    • interdependencies of tenets of Montessori education
  • Adolescence
    • Montessori for adolescence
  • Media literacy for children, adolescents and adults
  • What makes something Montessori?
  • What happens after Montessori?
  • Montessori outside the classroom – a guiding philosophy for adult life
  • Montessori for parents of children in Montessori classrooms
    • supporting Montessori at home
    • moving towards a non-punitive approach to parenting
    • the spiritual preparation of the parent
  • The relationship between parent, student and teacher
  • Various areas of the Casa environment
  • The Planes of Development
  • The Universal Human Tendencies
  • Meeting the needs of humans