About Andy

A Brief Formal Bio

Andy Lulka is a third generation Montessori advocate, as well as a Montessori alumna and mother. Cofounder of Integrating Montessori, Andy is a certified 3-6 guide, working towards 12-18 certification, and holds an M.Ed. in Integrative Montessori Learning. She has played various roles in Toddler through Upper Elementary, and been a communications and admissions coordinator. Andy has published writing and spoken about Montessori as well as Holocaust education and antisemitism from intersectional perspectives since her teenage years. She is now focused on teacher development and support, and is a sought after speaker and moderator for panels and online discussions on Montessori education as well as anti-oppression work.

Andy and her sister sit at table in Montessori Casa class
My sister and I in our school in Mexico
My Story

I am a third generation Montessori advocate. My mother started Montessori training as I entered a Casa program, and I started my own training when my son entered a Toddler Community. My passion for identity work and anti-oppresion work is just as deeply rooted in family and personal history. I hold several invisible marginalizations and have spent years healing communal and inergernational trauma.

When I was a teenager, I began publishing writing and speaking about Montessori as well as about the Holocaust and antisemitism, all from intersectional perspectives. I became increasingly involved in anti-hate work through my university years, and worked in various educational contexts. But I did not want to be a teacher – I had seen the amount of work and dedication it takes.

So I spent my twenties working in the corporate sector and in a variety of roles in small businesses. I was very happy working in client relations, and working with First Nations artists to produce gifts and souvenirs featuring their artwork.

With the birth of my son, I returned to my roots – I entered the field of Montessori education with my eyes wide open and fully determined to engage fully with the process of the spiritual preparation of the adult.

Since then, I have been a lead Casa and Middle School teacher and have acted as music teacher and volunteer for Toddler through Upper Elementary. I also enjoyed working as a communications and admissions coordinator. I am very proud of having developed an entire middle school program, and of having written a Montessori Overview course that has been used at several teacher education programs.

When I developed a chronic illness and had to shift gears, I decided to engage with the spiritual preparation of the adult in a whole new way. No longer able to teach, I fell into the role of moderator in what is now the largest online professional development and support group specifically and exclusively for Montessori teachers. That work opened up a whole new world for me, as I became passionate about supporting others in their own preparation. I have been honing my skills in developing and implementing online adult education in various forms for parents and educators since 2010, and am known for my empathetic way of challenging adults to take whatever steps are next on their journey.

My Formal Education:
  • BAH in Communications, Culture and Society (a special field concentration in Film and Sociology) from Queen’s University
  • Diploma in Montessori ECE from Sheridan College and Technological Institute (Casa credential)
  • MEd. in Montessori Integrative Learning through TIES
  • In the process of obtaining Secondary Montessori teaching credential through CMStep
My Current Associations:
  • Integrating Montessori: Where Montessori educators come to grow
  • Forging Unity: facilitating intentionally intersectional models of working, to create a more equitable and just world
  • Enhancing Social Justice Education: Reintroducing the pressing reality of antisemitism (anti-Jewish oppression) as a critical dimension of social justice education.